Why re-recording her masters is Taylor’s ultimate power move!

Photo: Time Magazine

The singing/songwriting sensation, Taylor Swift has made an announcement on Good Morning America on February 11th that she has re-recorded the complete ‘Fearless’ album with the addition of some “new” songs that almost made it to the old version of the album, making the new version contain 26 songs in total.

She announced on Twitter that ‘Fearless’ album will be released on the April 9th by capitalizing certain letters in her post.

In addition to ‘Fearless’, Taylor is also going to be re-recording her first five albums in order to gain back control of her masters. Swift’s idea is primarily business oriented, since she had learned from the dispute she had with her old label in 2019.

After switching from Big Machine Records to Republic Records, her first six albums were left behind and out of her hands. The original albums were first sold to private-equity group Ithaca Holdings, an entity owned by powerhouse music manager Scooter Braun, who then sold them to another company, Shamrock Holdings, for a reported $300 million in 2019.

So, Taylor now wants to recreate her masters in an effort to regain her agency over them and fine-tune them in the best way she knows how.

“It makes me feel really close to those songs again,…but the reason that I feel so passionately that artists should own their catalogues is because if you are the creator of all of this music, you are the only one who actually knows the ins and outs of it, you are the only one who knows what almost was written, you are the only one who knows the kind of secrets of the journey of making this music, so you are actually the only one who has the ability to share it with the fans in the way that can make everyone the happiest and the most excited. So, it’s been really fulfilling in a way…I had no idea what to expect. You don’t want to feel like it’s, your homework got destroyed so now you have to redo your homework. It’s not like that at all. It’s extremely fulfilling”, said Taylor in an interview with Apple TV.

But what has changed in the new recordings? Not much, according to fans. The sound is more or less the same, the songs remain unchanged and the signature Taylor voice is pretty much the same. However, there are a few subtleties that only true ‘Swifties’ will recognize, such as the maturity of her voice, the microphone and production quality (the original ‘Fearless’ album was recorded 13 years ago after all) and the overall energy that exudes from the new version.

All in all, there doesn’t seem to be any complaints about the re-recording, which is not surprising, giving the fact that Taylor has the knack for appealing to the wide variety of different audiences with unique and particular interests. She has been doing it for years, and this is just another example of her brilliance.


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