The fortunate misadventure of Kiara and Charlotte

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This story starts innocently a week ago, on a sunny April day, just outside of a small, Mediterranean town Kotor at a children’s birthday party. There was cake, dancing, singing and everyone was having a jolly good time. But then, disaster struck. An 8-year-old South African girl named Kiara, suddenly strayed away from the crowd and took a local dog (Charlotte) with her.

After her parents lost all hope of finding her, they called in for help from the professionals. Within moments, the area was swarmed by the police, firemen, army and the local people, all united in their quest to save a little girl’s life.

They turned the town upside down in trying to find her on the first day since she was reported missing, but the search was fruitless, so they called off the search until early next morning. The following day, rain began to fall which complicated their search quite a bit. Nevertheless, they persisted and for a good reason too, because they soon found a children’s toy which led them to Kiara.

Exhausted, frightened, wet-haired but relieved and ecstatic Kiara ran up to the crowd and thanked everybody! Thankfully, she returned unscathed, but she still spent the night at the hospital for safety. Once she reposed herself, she told her dad all about her adventure in the woods.

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She and Charlotte went for a quick walk in the neighborhood, until their curiosity took the best of them and they went outside of their usual path and couldn’t find their way back. The woods and shrubs became their home for the night. Charlotte was stung by thorns and Kiara was cold and tired. Kiara helped Charlotte by taking out each individual thorn out of its skin and Charlotte thanked Kiara by digging up a hole in the ground for the girl to sleep in, and by licking her hands to warm them up. Kiara and Charlotte kept each other warm that night and became the best of friends. In the morning, when daylight broke away the darkness, they resumed their walk towards the sound of cars. That is when they were spotted by the army who started walking towards them. Charlotte got scared and ran away, but Kiara continued walking.

Photo: PLANETA KOTOR on Facebook

The next day, after the girl returned home, safe and sound, Charlotte did too. It was almost as if she knew this little girl was protected. She handed Kiara off to her parents, knowing that she had done her duty and quickly found her way back home. Her loyalty is truly one for the books!





Curious soul, exploring the world through written creation

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Ana Klikovac

Ana Klikovac

Curious soul, exploring the world through written creation

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