• Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani

    Founder of 3 impact-first companies actively driving organizations to produce socially positive externalities through a mindset of social architecture.

  • Nikita Covington

    Nikita Covington

  • Sean Donovan

    Sean Donovan

    My ambition in life is to write at least one idea you find insightful. Damn the rest.

  • Vesna Bjelanovic

    Vesna Bjelanovic

  • EvolutionWriters


    EvolutionWriters.com is an effective tool that will help you with any task

  • Ana Mačak

    Ana Mačak

    Finishing the faculty of foreign languages. In my free time, love to write stories and poetry; listen to Bollywood music and love romantic movies

  • David Perlmutter

    David Perlmutter

    David Perlmutter is a freelance writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  • Kitty Memorial

    Kitty Memorial

    We sell memorial jewelry, urns, keepsakes & more. Visit us at https://www.kittymemorial.com for more info.

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